Everyone is allowed to participate in training at Bujinkan Dojo Düsseldorf, regardless of their cultural background, ideology, age or sex. There is, however, a common foundation all members of Bujinkan Dojo Düsseldorf are willing to accept. Those are the following principles:

Those who want to join Bujinkan should all share the deep desire for personal development. Furthermore, they should be willing to practice regularly and to learn even complex techniques. A positive attitude towards life, self-reliance, health and curiosity are paramount for a successful training.

Members of Bujinkan Budo Tajutsu show their respect for this traditional martial art by being punctual, neat and friendly towards other students. Every student is to follow the instructions of the teachers and to take care of safety during training hours. Advanced students will help beginners.

We expect you to be tolerant and open-minded towards other cultures, religions and ideals. Reliability, honesty, sympathy and courage, those are qualities we should display inside and outside of the dôjô. You have to refuse every act that might harm the reputation of Bujinkan in general or Bujinkan Dojo Düsseldorf in particular.

Every member of Bujinkan should honour, preserve and continue our traditions.