Ninja-Waffen忍 術 NINJUTSU – “The Art of the Enduring Heart”

The word ninjutsu essentially means “the art of the enduring heart”. The origins of the art of ninjutsu can be tracked back in history to feudal Japan. In order to survive in an era characterised by war and conflict people could not rely only on sophisticated fighting techniques, but they had to develop a multitude of strategies to make a living in these harsh times.

The goal of ninjutsu is to become a complete human being and live in harmony with the universe. In feudal Japan, however, these goals had taken a back seat. Martial abilities, on the other hand, came to the fore. Since times nowadays are more peaceful, ninjutsu became a means of strengthening one’s body and mind in order to live in harmony with the environment. Fighting techniques are to be only used for purposes of self-defense.

If you want to get a deeper understanding of the term ninjutsu you should take a closer look at the Japanese character Nin ( 忍 ).