The head of a martial arts style is called soke. Soke of Bujinkan is Dr Masaaki Hatsumi.

As a child Hatsumi first started training kendo with his father. Later he also learned karate, aikido and judo. In addition, he learned boxing in school. Disappointed by the fact that each of these combat styles greatly depended on the strength and size of the athlete, Hatsumi ventured out to find a true martial art. After learning kobudo for three years, he met Takamatsu Toshitsugu for the first time. He became a student of his for the next 15 years. Prior to his death, Takamatsu appointed Hatsumi as his successor and handed the title of grandmaster of all nine schools down to him.

Hatsumi studied dramatics and medicine at Meiji University, and he practiced chiropractic for several years. He acquired a high international reputation as consultant among the military and security services as well as in the artistic field. He has received high awards in several countries, i.a. for his commitment to international understanding. Today he teaches students from all over the world in his Honbu Dôjô not far from Tokyo.



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